Monday, February 18, 2019

Water Purifiers And TVs Are Earning China Consumers Crypto Tokens!

Using the internet of things (IOT) and user data supplied back to the manufacturer - consumers in China can earn tokens on their own usage data. It's not widespread but seems to be only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It's a short read.
NASA image of Earth from space
I've seen reports lately that the staff has been allowed by the police back into the Cryptopia exchange... which had been hacked...and subsequently closed for about a month now... read here about the first Cryptopia Users Demanding Refunds ...and..nothing is certain... always be careful where your funds are as low volume exchanges and coins are vulnerable. 
Cryptopia is the first crypto exchange platform to endure hack crises in this very year.
====================================================================== much do you know about the legendary developer of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto? Here's a longer essay covering some of the very people who have been stated to be him. Is it Craig Wright? Or someone else? It's time for the real Satoshi To Stand Up. It's like the old 1960's show To Tell The Truth.
Trading Update
Still holding fact...I bought a bit more on Valentines Day at .00002404
2019-02-14 07:06:57 Buy 0.00002404 422.17595674 0.01014911
Remember on 2-3-2019 I bought about .02btc worth at .00002741
It's selling for .00002494 this morning. Still down...but this low volume coin is DUE. Remember, you can see the PolyMath Webpage on Page Two of this website, or simply page down the page to a previous posting. Below is their positioning statement - yes..big time stuff when actualized.
"Polymath enables trillions of dollars of securities to migrate to the blockchain."
You may have noticed that Poloniex has added a new coin called GRIN - and I indeed, after going to the GRIN Webpage, decided that I'd swap my 8 or so Factom for some 10 GRIN. The coin has a unique specific developers... a worldwide joint effort... no premine....the mimblewimble blockchain - and Polo intends to REFUND part of the transactions fees for this coin for its development.... worth checking out when priced at under 5 dollars a coin and with ONLY @ UNDER 3 MILLION COINS ONLY. This one might, long term, leave a GRIN on your face. Easy to say and remember too.
YES... I sold again for a profit the METAL coin over at Bittrex hope you too are following it getting HOT.... payment service companies are well positioned IMO...and yes...I ponied up again after yesterdays burst in volume and price.

                   Closed Order                   Opened Order
2019/02/17 00:38:53 2019/02/16 21:27:45
0.00009250 483.75098545 483.75098545 0.00009249 0.04463510
2019/02/16 18:27:07 2019/02/16 17:58:56
0.00008250 483.75098545 483.75098545 0.00008249 -0.04000922
2019/02/16 08:09:01 2019/02/14 09:16:34

0.00008888 473.04591064 473.04591064 0.00008887 0.04193921
2019/02/12 07:40:22 2019/02/12 07:28:31
0.00008225 473.04591064 473.04591064 0.00008224 -0.03900527
Finally...Still holding THC (HEMP coin) at Bittrex and did move into CASHBET. 
More Soon